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8 Tips for a Healthy Breakfast

A healthy and balanced breakfast will start the morning off healthy and help guide better choices throughout the day. Research continues to show that people who eat breakfast have lower BMI than those who skip this important meal. But caution: breakfast is only healthy if you choose the right ingredients.

Tip 1: Skip sugary cereal and refined grains/muffins

Tip 2: Pack in a wide variety of nutrients

Tip 3: Include powerful antioxidants, like blueberries or greens

Tip 4: Add whole grains ( better fiber, stabilize blood sugar and keep you full)

Tip 5: Always choose whole foods over processed foods

Tip 6: Choose to add protein in the form of eggs, cottage cheese, powders or almond butter

Tip 7: Meal prep always helps support healthy eating

Tip 8: Nuts and seeds are known to be anti-inflammatory and good for your heart

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